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This poem captures it...


Your True Self 

 Within the sanctity of your inner being, is your true self, a part that remains unseen.  A quietness, surrounded by joy and peace, filled with calmness, hidden until you seek.  

It's uncluttered by your future or your past, only the "now," the "present," is what lasts.  Your true self is eternal and must grow to new heights, your soul already knows.  

For you to reach this sacred state of mind, release ego and the poisons that it finds.  Then surrender; trust in what you truly feel, be aware to what is and isn't real.  

Integrity will guide you on your quest, let truth prevail to help you act your best.  If you can overcome the need to prove or win, then you will find your true self deep within.  

An when united with your inner self, you will find there is no greater wealth.  Eternity is real and so very divine, once your true self reveals itself to shine! 

Margaret I. Jang

Human Design is a Tool to Discover the Person You Were Born to Be...


On a practical level, Human Design philosophies act as great tools to guide you to making correct decisions for the most meaningful life experiences.

Human Design is a system of self-exploration and self-discovery inspired by many ancient and modern modalities. Human Design combines many systems into one detailed, comprehensive map allowing you to understand how your personal energy system works on its own and in relation to others.

The Human Design chart, which is based on a person's birth time, date, and location, is a representation of their particular energy pattern.  People can use the chart as a tool to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and to help them make decisions that are in line with who they are and what they are capable of in life and in business.

Human Design allows people to be exactly who they are and to let go of any conditioning that doesn't support progress to their highest expression of true self in a world where we have all been conditioned and molded by our life experiences.

Even just grasping the fundamentals of Human Design may transform you, but when you delve even more into the specifics and expression of your own chart, there is a healing and liberating quality that enables you to step up and claim your fullest expression of self.