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Want to become an empowered solopreneur?

I'll teach you how to create efficient systems in life and business that produce an abundance of time, money, peace and happiness – in just 4 easy steps.


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Want to become an empowered solopreneur?

I'll teach you how to create efficient systems in life and business that produce an abundance of time, money, peace and happiness – in just 4 easy steps.

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“With Leslie’s help, I learned how to become the happy and healthy independent woman I am today.  She always had empathy, compassion and support on every level as we worked together.  I can honestly say it’s been life changing and I can always use my new tools and knowledge moving forward in my life.”


Let’s face it.

Being a solopreneur is hard.
Being a woman solopreneur is harder.

    • You feel frazzled operating in survival mode trying to run your business and life from under one roof
    • You’re either missing out on special moments with your family or struggling to meet impending deadlines with your clients
    • You feel you are always somehow lagging behind despite doing everything HUMANLY possible
    • There NEVER seems to be enough time to check off everything on your to-do lists
    • You often find yourself lost, scattered and non-productive, searching through stacks of bills and invoices due this month
    • You wish you were on top of your finances but money is a mess and you have no idea how to manage your books
    • You think you’re not good enough and feel like giving up more often than not

It doesn't have to be this way.

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"Working with Leslie has been such a gift.  She has really helped me gain confidence in knowing I can accomplish my business goals.  And, helped me to gain motivation in the areas I tend to push to the side.  I have felt able to be open in a judgement free zone!"


Home-based entrepreneurs flourish when they have robust systems in life and in business…

  • You will be confidently living your truth
  • You will master the art of balancing your work and personal life 
  • You will have more freedom and more personal time at your hands than ever
  • You’ll never have to miss out on any family moments, be it the long awaited vacation or your little one’s school event!
  • You won’t have to worry about your mortgages and will be on your way to a stress-free, debt-free life 
  • You will have full control over your finances and every dollar sorted out to the T
  • You will learn to successfully scale your business to heights you never thought possible
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"Once my kids were in school full time, I was looking for a way to get back in the workforce and Leslie helped me set up my own bookkeeping business.  Over the years, Leslie continued to give me support and encouragement as she helped me continue to build my business as I transitioned from full-time homemaker to full-time entrepreneur!"


Hello, I'm Leslie

You deserve to live at your very best!

Creating work-life balance running your business from home can be a challenge.  And worse, rising above that balance to live at your very best can seem nearly impossible.  

I understand the overwhelm and frustration because I have operated several successful businesses from home while raising my family.  

The road has, of course, not been easy.  I too have suffered through soul-crushing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt. 

But I learned to handle all these inevitable challenges that are a part of solopreneurship. 

I learned how to get my mind, time and focus to work in my favor, every single day. 

I learned how to bring balance to my personal and professional life.  And in doing so, I created my own business, time and financial management systems to thrive at work without sacrificing my life at home.

I decided to become a certified coach because I realized I was not alone.  SO many women solopreneurs face the same challenges I did and end up giving up on themselves.  I’m proud that I’m now helping them create systems in life and business so they have an abundance of time, money, peace and happiness.

Trust me when I say - you CAN have both - an abundant personal life and a flourishing business as a woman solopreneur. 

I can’t wait to take you through this empowering journey.
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Your personal and professional life will be transformed, just like theirs!


Okay, but how will we work together, Leslie? 

I’m so glad you asked…

Get Unstuck

Being stuck can lead to feelings of overwhelm and burn-out.  This 90-minute session will uncover what is keeping you stuck and move you into taking action, with a plan. 

Get your mind, time and focus working in your favor right now (or I give you your money back).

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Back on Track

You can win at work and win at home without feeling constantly burnt out.  Work with me one to one to create the life and business you want - in just 90 days.  

If you want to be the boss in your business and the heart of your home, I’m ready for you! 

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Flourish is my signature 12-month program where I personally help you create business, time and life management systems to help you lead a better than balanced life!

You can live at your best as a full-time homemaker and full-time entrepreneur.

Learn More about Flourish

"Before working with Leslie, running my own business and keeping my books was extremely overwhelming.  At times I felt like I had no idea what I was doing.  Leslie showed me simple and easy solutions to run my business.  The best part was how she taught me organizational strategies and now I feel in control."


Behind every struggling businesswoman are 2 core areas constantly demanding her attention

Her home and her business.

Now, you became self-employed because you wanted the flexibility it offers.  But sometimes it feels like your family or other responsibilities make running a business simply impossible.

If your business is growing, then your home life is suffering…
If you have a healthy family life, then your business is dying…

You feel like you constantly have to make a choice between spending time on your business, with your family, or with yourself.

So how do you achieve blissful harmony between it all?

The secret lies in balancing these 3 areas:

Your mindset
Your time
Your systems

Sounds good Leslie!  But how do I work all this out?

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Ever wished you had more hours in a day?

We’ve all been there, with our to-do lists stretching longer and longer.

This keeps repeating on loop until you find your family in complete chaos (because of course they can’t function without you), and your business running in circles.

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