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The struggle is real.

  • Are you having a difficult time balancing the endless list of home responsibilities while trying to stay focused on your business duties and goals, all from under one roof? 

  • Are you wishing you could be more productive in your business and at the same time be present with moments that matter the most, without feeling so guilty?

  • Are you wasting valuable time by saying yes to things that are a no (unwanted commitments) which are pushing your needs farther down the priority list? 
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Learn the secrets to living your truth and  implementing healthy boundaries in your business and life so that you can claim ownership of your freedom, time and future without the guilt. 


When you focus on what matters most in your business and your life, and eliminate what doesn't, you create more time to use with planned intention, which includes focused time on essential self-care.


When you intentionally get in control of your business and your life, you create a prioritized lifestyle of purpose, ease and fulfillment living in your authentic rhythm of joy.

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You deserve to live at your very best!


Creating work-life balance running your business from home can be a challenge.  And worse, rising above that balance to live at your very best can seem nearly impossible. 

I understand the overwhelm and frustration because I have operated several successful businesses from home while raising my family.  At times, my business and home life were totally out of balance, and I constantly put myself last.  

I found the keys to become better than balanced and became a certified life coach.  Now I help home-based women solopreneurs first develop life balance, then rise above it to live in their authentic rhythm of joy.

I would love to show you how.  

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"Before working with Leslie running my own business and keeping my books was extremely overwhelming.  At times I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Leslie showed me simple and easy solutions to run my business. The best part was how she taught me organizational strategies and now I feel in control."


"Working with Leslie has been such a gift. She has really helped me gain confidence in knowing I can accomplish my business goals. And, helped me to gain motivation in the areas I tend to push to the side. I have felt able to be open in a judgement free zone!" 


"Once my kids were in school full time, I was looking for a way to get back in the workforce and Leslie helped me set up my own bookkeeping business.  Over the years, Leslie continued to give me support and encouragement as she helped me continue to build my business as I transitioned from full-time homemaker to full-time entrepreneur!"


“With Leslie’s help, I learned how to become the happy and healthy independent woman I am today.   She always had empathy, compassion and support on every level as we worked together. I can honestly say it’s been life changing and I can always use my new tools and knowledge moving forward in my life.”

Three Easy Steps to Become Better Than Balanced


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Managing your mind is essential for mental well-being & sustainable success of solopreneurship.  Your thoughts create your feelings, actions & results.


When you make yourself a priority, without the guilt, you feel cared for and loved and show up for your business and your life in amazing ways.  Everyone wins!


Time is your most valuable asset.  Structuring your day based on what matters most is essential for maximum productivity and life satisfaction. 


Focus, efficiency, decisiveness, organization and productivity in your business and your life save time so you can spend more of it doing what you love.


When you have a healthy money mindset, you are able to charge more and work less.  It all starts with organizing your money, so you know your numbers. 

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Find your life balance and rise above it to be your best self.

Many home-based women solopreneurs are stretched thin and struggle to manage all aspects of life under one roof.  They tend to operate in chaos and put themselves last.  At Better Than Balanced, I help them develop life balance, then rise above it to live at their very best…in their authentic rhythm of joy. 

At Better Than Balanced, I know that you want to be a self-empowered solopreneur successfully running your business from home.  In order to do that you need...


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