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Divine Intervention...


Have you ever experienced the right thing showing up at exactly the right time?  I call it "divine intervention."  Well, that's what happened to me in the summer of 2017.  I came across a YouTube ad for The Life Coach School.  

Being in a state of severe burnout with my 20-year bookkeeping business and in complete despair with the lack of balance in my life, where I actually forgot what brought me joy, I decided to hire a life coach to help me get my life back on track.  

Everything changed from that moment on.  I was hooked on the success that I was experiencing in changing my life for the better.  I knew I wanted to become a certified life and business coach, aka success coach, to help women, just like me, who were suffering with burnout and an unbalanced life

Better Than Balanced was founded at that time.  As I progressed in my journey and learned that I was a Human Design Projector, life became crystal clear.  I became aware of the unique needs that we have as projectors in order to succeed in both business and life. 

I knew my calling was to create a safe container where women projector business owners, just like me, could be seen, heard, understood and supported with "all things business" and "all things life" in order to control the burnout and bitterness that surface living out of alignment. 

Here at Better Than Balanced, I teach time and energy-saving methods to automate and successfully grow your small business, so you have more time for rest and play


You're Invited...

If you are operating out-of-alignment and your business is out-of-control, like mine was (or if you'd like to start an "aligned" business), I invite you to click the link for a free strategy call. 

From one projector to another projector, please know that this is a safe space where you will be seen, heard and completely understood. 

Let's create a plan to get you back on track so you can live in freedom and experience success professionally and personally.  

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