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Here's what I'm all about...


Hi there - I'm Leslie Hoerner, a solopreneur from Green Bluff, Washington.  So happy you are here!  

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • "How can I manage the overwhelm of the endless list of home responsibilities while trying to stay focused on my business duties and goals, all from under one roof?"

  • "How can I be more productive in my business and at the same time be present with moments that matter the most, without feeling so conflicted?"
  • "How do I learn to say no without feeling guilty or losing relationships in the process?"
  • "How can I start setting boundaries and get them to stick?"
  • "How can I stay focused on my priorities without letting distractions get in the way?"

If so, then you've come to the right place!

Whether you've just started running your business from home or you're a home-based solopreneur veteran struggling to manage all aspects of life running your business from home, I can help you.


I know how overwhelming it can be to balance your home-based business and your precious life from under one roof.


Running a home-based business can be stressful, lonely and brutal on your mental health.  And worse, surviving alone, apart from a tribe, runs against your natural way of thinking.  I know what you're going through.  Working independently requires a new set of skills to protect your well-being, so you can do your best work and fully enjoy your freedom.  

I left the corporate world in my early 20s and created several successful businesses from the ground up while raising my family, most recently being my home-based 20-year bookkeeping business.  I learned how handle the inevitable failure, anxiety, instability and loneliness of solopreneurship.  I also learned how to create a better-balanced life in order to survive and thrive being my own boss and managing my home life at the same time. 

Over the years, I learned how to get my mind, time and focus to work in my favor, every day.  I discovered efficient home office and financial organization systems and lifestyle balance tools so I could thrive in my business and my life, all from under one roof, and faithfully live in my authentic rhythm of joy.  I have also learned the beautiful lesson that there truly is a balance between getting things done, making time fun, and intentionally being present with moments that matter most so you can enjoy life's journey along the way.  

I would love to show you how.  It's easy to get started.  Just click the link below.

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