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If I can go from being raised on food stamps to a 7-figure net worth self-employed solopreneur, so can you!

I was raised by a single mother of 4, and back then, we often had to survive on food stamps to make ends meet.

I used to feel “ashamed” that we were so poor.  But it was these very hardships that paved the path for my success in business and in life. 

My mother taught me to face these hardships with a fierce fighting spirit.  I still remember sitting with her at the kitchen table, hearing her stories and learning about saving, budgeting and the perks of a debt-free life, like it was yesterday! 

These lessons have helped me immeasurably through all these years.

Over the past 35 years, I have built 3 businesses from the ground up while raising our family of two. 

The road has of course not been easy.  I too have suffered through soul-crushing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and self doubt. 

But I learned to handle all these inevitable challenges that are a part of solopreneurship. 

I learned how to get my mind, time and focus to work in my favor, every single day. 

I learned how to bring balance to my personal and professional life.  And in doing so, I created my own business, time and financial management systems to thrive at work without sacrificing my life at home.

I decided to become a certified coach because I realized I was not alone.  SO many women solopreneurs face the same challenges I did and end up giving up on themselves.  I’m proud that I’m now helping them create systems in life and business so they have an abundance of time, money, peace and happiness.

Trust me when I say - you CAN have both - an abundant personal life and a flourishing business as a woman solopreneur.