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I breathed a serious sigh of relief and said to myself, “nothing has gone wrong.”


Have you ever believed there was something wrong with you because you just never felt like you fit in And to make matters worse, do you always say "yes," "give more than you should," "keep the peace," and make yourself and everything perfect" just to win people over and feel appreciated?  

I'm Leslie and several years ago, in a soulful pursuit to create a life with new meaning, I became a certified life and purpose coach, or "success coach" as I like to call myself.  During my certification training, one of my coaches threw in a bonus training on Human Design. I had never heard of Human Design, and I found it fascinating.  I eagerly generated my own human design chart and found out that I was a 4/1 emotional projector.  Once I started researching all the details in my chart, I breathed a serious sigh of relief and said to myself, “nothing has gone wrong."  Finally, everything in my life started to make sense.  I understood my mission and purpose in life and realized that I had been operating out of alignment of my true projector essence.

Backing up a little, I have always been an entrepreneur with several successful businesses, most recently being a 20-year bookkeeping business.  The starting paragraph is about me by the way (an example of living out of alignment) which didn’t help in running my businesses or my life.  What it did do was run me straight into severe burnout and a state of bitterness where I ended up dissolving my bookkeeping business and have been in the de-conditioning process since.  I don't want that for you.  

The beautiful part of this painful process was that it led me to the coaching world where I have found meaning and purpose in teaching other women projector business owners time and energy-saving methods to automate and successfully grow their small businesses, so they have more time for rest and play, AND tools on how to live a softer, feminine, calm, relaxed, playful, joyful, expansive, peaceful, harmonious, confident and connected "projector-aligned" life.  

Over time, I learned how to embrace my uniqueness, bask in the joy of self-love without guilt, and establish healthy boundaries that enable me to live in alignment with my truest self, both professionally and personally.  My goal is to share this knowledge with you.


You're Invited...

If you are operating out-of-alignment and your business is out-of-control, like mine was (or if you'd like to start an "aligned" business), I invite you to click the link for a free strategy call. 

From one projector to another projector, please know that this is a safe space where you will be seen, heard and completely understood. 

Let's create a plan to get you back on track so you can live in freedom and experience success professionally and personally.  

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