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Six Bad Solopreneur Habits to Quit in 2023

solopreneur efficient systems Jan 10, 2023
Six Bad Solopreneur Habits to Quit in 2023

Here are six reasons why you might be struggling as a solopreneur:

🚫 Comingling Finances:  When you comingle your personal money with your business money and your business money with your personal money, you never know exactly how your personal finances are going or how your business finances are going. You aren’t able to make sound financial decisions when you don’t know your numbers.

🚫 Not Tracking Your Money:  When you don’t have an efficient system set up to easily track your money (personal and business) you waste so much time trying to manually dig through piles to figure out your numbers.  

🚫 Putting Your Self-Care Last:  You get so lost in the day-to-day busy and forget how important your own mind, body and self-care are to your success in your business and your life. How you go, so goes the business and your life. You can’t operate well in any area of your life from an empty cup.

🚫 Winging It with Your TimeWhen you live your day minute-by-minute instead of preplanning your week in advance, you get less done, you react to things that are thrown at you, you are constantly distracted and at the end of the day feel like you still got nothing accomplished.  

🚫 Putting Off Organization:  This always tends to get put to the back burner because there are higher priorities than organization. But think about it… how much time do you waste going through stacks to find something?

🚫 Comparing Yourself & Your Business to OthersThis can be one of the cruelest things we as solopreneurs can do to ourselves. I get it because I have been there. When we compare ourselves to others, it really gets in the way of creating our own special purpose in the world.

Which bad habit do you want to leave behind? Pick the one that will make the biggest overall impact. 

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