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8 Easy Ways to Increase Productivity as a Home-Based Solopreneur

solopreneur efficient systems Jan 07, 2023
solopreneur productivity home office

Is your productivity at an all-time low?

I get it.  Running your solopreneur business from home can be challenging because you’re stretched thin and pulled in all different directions.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve listed 8 ways to increase your productivity.  

  1. Remember WHY you started your business (to be home; time freedom; be your own boss; flexibility).
  2. Set your work hours and stick to them.
  3. List top 3 daily tasks in order of importance. Do your most important task first.
  4. Create focus by turning off notifications.
  5. Focus on what you do have control over and let the rest go. 
  6. Separate, as much as possible, home from work by not letting your workspace and home space bleed into one another.
  7. Running a business from home requires a wide array of skills. Ask for help where you need it. 
  8. Make time for self-care. You can't operate well from an empty cup. 

Ever wished you had more hours in a day?

We’ve all been there, with our to-do lists stretching longer and longer.

This keeps repeating on loop until you find your family in complete chaos (because of course they can’t function without you), and your business running in circles.

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