Find your life balance and rise above it to be your best self.


Many home-based women entrepreneurs are stretched thin and struggle to manage all aspects of life under one roof.  They tend to operate in chaos and put themselves last.  At Better Than Balanced, I help them develop life balance, then rise above it to live at their very best…in their authentic rhythm of joy. 

At Better Than Balanced, I know that you want to be a self-empowered entrepreneur successfully running your business from home.  In order to do that, you need a better-balanced life.  The problem is you're stretched thin managing home and work under one roof, which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, lost in the chaos.  I believe it shouldn’t be such a struggle for home-based solopreneurs to successfully manage their lives. 

I understand the overwhelm and frustration because I have operated several successful businesses from home while raising my family.  At times, my business and home life were totally out of balance, and I constantly put myself last. I found the keys to become better than balanced and became a certified life coach.  Now I help home-based women solopreneurs first develop life balance, then rise above it to thrive and live in their authentic rhythm of joy.

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